Company portal app locked me out of my phone during uninstallation.

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To give some context: Today, I got locked out of my phone after installing the company portal app (Microsoft Intune). I usually use the fingerprint based authorization on my android device (One Plus 7 Pro), but upon installing this application and while trying to uninstall it, the lockscreen defaulted to the password option and no longer shows the fingerprint scanner option. I'm not able to get into my phone based on the passwords that I type (either because its no longer what it used to be or I don't remember it as its been a while or I've never set it in the first place)


I tried brute forcing the password based on my memory and have exhausted all possible combinations that I usually use for my password. So I've come to the conclusion that its possible that the app somehow, has glitched out and messed up the authentication by freezing finger print scanner and defaulting to some other "master password" because it probably wasn't set by me. Another case is, I may have forgotten the password (which is highly unlikely because I use the same password for all devices). I may be horribly wrong with my first assumption as something else could be going on. But either ways, this should not have happened as I face the risk of losing all my data should I have to factory reset my device. I have no idea why this happened, but if someone could help me understand what is going on and what I could do to get back into my phone without losing my data, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

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@AshVijay19 So sorry to hear that you are locked out. 


If you enrolled your device intro Intune MDM, ther might be a configuration policy that forces you to use PIN/password. 

If you just registered your device, there could also be Mobile Application Management in place.


Are you the admin of this tenant?  I suggest to start by looking up your device and see if there are any settings applied. 




Hi, I feel your frustration!! Same happened with my husband today...

Did you come right? How did you get back into you phone?

Hope you can help us