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Jul 21 2022, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)

Co-management MDM User Scope

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I am looking at co-management and have noticed our MDM User scope in Intune is actually set to NONE, However devices are still enrolling to Intune it seems?


I note a prerequisites is to ensure this is not set to NONE, has anyone seen this before?





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@James Sirdifield Hi James, 


Under  Mobility (MDM and MAM), do you see both Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Intune Enrollment? 

Can you check the MDM scope of both (if you see them? )

@James Sirdifield 

Are you able to confirm your mobile management authority settings im Intune? Possible that devices are enrolled with Office MDM Coexistance



Thanks for your reply,


I only have Microsoft Intune under MDM and MAM.


Its really strange, I am happy to look at enabling the MDM scope but I am just interested at the moment how devices are enrolling with co-management with this setting off.



Hi @pccoop 


Thanks for your reply, Unfortunately I can see Intune is the MDM authority





@James Sirdifield 

Hi James,


Sorry if it is stupid question.

How do you know that device is enrolled with Intune MDM?

If you would go to the Intune dashboard and view all devices it could be there if it is enrolled through MAM. Is the MAM Scope set to NONE too?

As well are we talking about Windows 10 machines or other devices too?