Clicking on Manage on a group Member's Properties page sends me to a completely different device

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Recently I sent a wipe to a computer (Device A). Groups - Group A - Members - Device A - Properties - Manage - Wipe. But, when I navigated to the Manage tab, it sent me to a completely different device (Device X). Device X is not in Group A, it's in a seperate group. When I sent a wipe, it sent it to Device X, not Device A, and it is currently still pending.

We found out after that this glitch starting happening with every member of every group in our system. Clicking Manage on any device in any group sent us to the Manage page of Device X. If we search for devices in Devices instead of Groups, this glitch does not happen.

What is going on? Is there a possibility that all of our devices could be wiped because of this glitch?

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