Chrome Policies - ADMX Ingestion and OMA-URI Values | NotificationsAllowedForUrls

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Has Someone succeeded to apply NotificationsAllowedForUrls policies using OMA-URI values?

I have set all stuff for ADMX Ingestion for Chrome, using official doc.

All other settings are working as expected, just this specific one i'm getting error:



Name: NotificationsAllowedForUrls





<enabled/><data id="NotificationsAllowedForUrls" value="1&#xF000;[*.];2&#xF000;[*.]"/>


@Oliver Kieselbach  you who are such guru on OMA-URI stuff... did you saw something like this?

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I figure out the problem.


The right data id is:

<enabled/><data id="NotificationsAllowedForUrlsDesc" value="1&#xF000;[*.];2&#xF000;[*.]"/>

Correct: NotificationsAllowedForUrlsDesc

Incorrect: NotificationsAllowedForUrls