Choose MDM Authority

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I would like to change mobile device management authority from "Intune MDM Authority" to "Configure Manager MDM Authority"


I am looking for a guide how to do this.



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It's an old blog, but peter created a blog about this some years ago... (it took some time to find it again)
Thanks for the guide, have also found a slightly newer guide.

After much head scratching, I have got to the root cause of my issue, SCCM is not linked to our Azure account, so nothing under "Cloud Services".

Is there a method to delete "Microsoft Intune Subscription" without using SCCM?
I guess I forgot to ask , why would you like/need to change the mdm authority in the first place :) ?
We did an Intune trial and just want to remove post the trial.

I have discovered how to remove, using SCCM just not to connect Co-Management, my boss is checking there is no license implications of connecting to Co-Management.

Okay.. good reason :) ... let me know if you have any other questions