Changing Password in Autopilot Azure AD devices

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Can we change passwords  using Azure AD joined devices that are OOBE? I have not implemented TPM before so I have no clue about that, but can we do something that will allow you to change passwords by users?

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Not sure what you mean, if users can change their password when inrolled with Intune? While deploying? TPM is for BitLocker and Windows Hello, confused :)

But for users wanting to change their expired password or unlock their account, I suggest researching SSPR (

@Harm_Veenstra Hi, Harm yes through SSPR only. It looks like here the SSPR is not working, and was wondering any other method is there that we could make it work. TPM / Bitlocker we are yet to explore that area, Bitlocker ofcourse is going to be enabled but not sure about using TPM.



Ok, you did configure all the options? Licensing ok? ( And Bitlocker should be enabled using TPM, how else would you enable it?

@Harm_Veenstra I am checking on the configuration part. But, my question is the password has to be changed using a browser and not by regular way by clicking on change password on the device that you want to change it?


What happens if you forgotten your password and not able to login to your device? Can you not click on change password and change the password on the device? You would have to use a different machine to reset it using the above URL?


Thanks again in advance!

You can change the password of a user by CTRL-ALT-DEL, Change password. When forgotten, you can click reset password
Thank you I think there needs to be some things that needs to be configured on our end to make it work on the Windows 10 device change password option. So, I will go through this documentation.

Thank you Harm, where do I click the best answer, I do not see

No problem and you should see that beneath the response I think ?