Change wallpaper on a dedicated android Enterprise device configured as kiosk mode simple app.

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1-) I don't know if it's common for someone to do this, but I would like to know how I can change the device's wallpaper because whenever Android turns on a default wallpaper appears and "starting the device" appears, so I would like to change this wallpaper that appears when you turn on the device,


2-) I would also like to know if there is a way to remove the back button, because even though it is configured as a simple application in kiosk mode and configured so that there is no navigation button, the back button still appears when I click The wallpaper appears and goes straight to my application, I would like to remove that too, I'm waiting.

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1 This is only possible with the Microsoft Launcher you can find more info here:

2 This is probably not possible maybe with some OEMConfig's. What type of devices do you have, for Samsung it is not possible but maybe you are using something else
Thanks for the answers, but when I configure "Device experience", "Enrollment profile type" as dedicated device to configure in kiosk mode for single app, I can't apply the Microsoft Launcher, I saw that it can be done in the Fully managed configuration, how do I do it? My occasion would be dedicated device?

And about the second option, my device is from another brand, "goldentec", I'll try to do something like that.