Change Azure AD Registered device to Azure AD Joined device

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What is the preferred process of converting a device that is Azure AD registered to a device that is Azure AD joined?  I know that a device can be both, but unable to have a device that has been already registered be able to be Azure AD joined.


Any recommendations?


I have tried a couple scenarios; using the Company Portal app and removing the device and re-adding it, but have been unsuccessful. Device is always registered.  The only method that has worked is to reset the PC and perform the Azure AD join when initially setting up the device.


Thanks in advance!

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How did you solve this?

I generally don't convert them.  I would set it back up as a Azure AD joined device.  Azure AD registered is really designed for, maybe personal devices or other non domain joined.



From Microsoft


Type of device Device platforms Mechanism
Personal devicesWindows 10, iOS, Android, Mac OSAzure AD registered
Organization owned device not joined to on-premises ADWindows 10Azure AD joined
Organization owned device joined to an on-premises ADWindows 10

Hybrid Azure AD joined

You may want to try the dsregcmd command line tool to un-register (dsregcmd /debug /leave) and then sign out and back in to trigger the scheduled task that joins the device.

@Alex Melching  first i removed Azure ad Register device from azure Ad portal, and logged in on Windows 10 Machine went settings and click on account after that click connect and select "join this device to Active Directory" then you can able to do that. 


Why your device is going to register after removing from azure portal:-

after removing if you are going to access and Ms 365 app like Teams, Outlook, or SharePoint online your Device ll automatically register with azure AD.

@Alex Melching 

I figured it out.  Broadly, these are the steps:

1-Remove computer from local domain

2-Remove registered computer from Azure

3-Remove all accounts under settings->accounts->access work or school

4-Remove all GUID keys from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Enrollments (GUID keys look like 18DCFFD4-37D6….). There will likely be one or two it won't let you delete. Leave those. Do not delete the other folders in there. This seems to be the key step

5-Join machine to Azure