Change assignment scope from all devices to all users

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We recently built our Intune environment for iOS and Android and during the setup we assigned all profiles and policies to All devices. we recently changed the assignment of all policies and profiles from all devices to all users, all profiles and policies removed from the devices but they are not pushing back to the device and there are no errors.


Did anyone experienced the same issue?

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Which policies have you configured to all users?
All configuration profiles like VPN, Wi-Fi, SCEP certificate, device restrictions, passcode policy and all other.
Can you be a bit more specific? If you have an example of a setting, that would be great :)
So we have a below Configuration profile for iOS

iOS - AnyConnect VPN
No Description
Profile type
Included groups
All Users

Earlier this same config profile was assigned using "All devices". I changed the assignment scope to "All users" and the profile got removed from the device but it is not being pushed to any devices anymore after assignment to All users.
Do you have this problem with only this policy, or is it with multiple?
All the policies or configuration profiles that had All devices assignment and now changed to All users. I reenrolled one of my device and but profile still do not pushed out to my device.