cant open this location: To help keep your data safe, the location is blocked

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currently, we are looking at what policies have been deployed for a particular user and reviewing those policies.  when a user is trying to access c:\users or their own profile via file explorer they get the message 'we cant open... to help keep your data safe, the location is blocked.




we wondered if its a file explorer admx/settings:


Set Allowed Folder Locations


however, looking at her device she can go to other folders via route apart from windows folder and users folder. acl output looks normal on c:\users folder

administrators - full control

System - full control

everyone - readandexecute

users - readandexecute


we are going to do a factory reset and we will investigate further if this arise again.  but would like to know what policy this could of caused (it may not even be a policy BUT an AV product, ransomware detection etc)




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