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Cannot see devices under Intune since service provider contract cancelled

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Hoping someone can help.


We had our devices remote managed and in Intune that was set up by a service provider. I had access to the admin console and could manage them directly also.

Since we left the service provider, the devices are no longer shown in Intune and when I've reached to the service provider to help, they have refused to do so.


So I'm stuck with devices that I can't remove or add a user to.


Can anyone help? Thank yo in advance


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What type of devices? If they are Autopilot devices, I suggest opening a Microsoft ticket for them.

@Harm_Veenstra thank you.


they are all MacBook devices. I can’t seem to raise a ticket as it keeps sending me to the old service provider for support :grimacing_face:

Ok, no experience in MacBook and Intune but manually wiping the device is the only option then I guess?
Can you tell how the devices are added in Intune? I suspect that the solution here is to link with Apple Business Manager.

Hi @JosvanderVaart 

Thank you for your input.


I can see the devices on the Apple Business Manager (see below) but not on Intune.


This is what I see when I go into one of the devices:


"Hardsoft Ltd" is the service provider who we moved from. When I "release" the device it still shows up with the remote management screen on the laptop so seems to still be attached to intune.


Thanks in advance for your reply :)

You should create a new Intune connector (MDM) for your tenant in ABM en move a device to that