Cannot create work profile!

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"The security policy prevents the creation of a managed device because a custom OS is or has been installed on this device"


But the device is not rooted, it was forcefully removed from the portal.


Anyone has an idea to resolve this issue?

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I'm having the exact issue. But it's saying a custom Os is preventing it.
Please I'm having the same issue

@iMadushaN, I believe I've been facing the same issue except the fact that the device was never enrolled using any other method. Tried to do so though, but encountered the same issue even when trying to enroll the device as Fully managed and dedicated (KIOSK). I am not sure even how to verify the Knox warranty bit as per this document:


For now, I am testing a Samsung (SM-J260A) device with an Android 9.0. The device's not rooted so I'm can't tell why the device can't be enrolled in Intune. Any advice on how to verify Warranty bit would be highly appreciated. If warranty bit is turned from 0X0 to 0X1, what is the solution for this issue? 

Any news please?