Cannot access work data on Android DeviceIts Keep saying PIN doesnt meet requirements.

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Cannot access work data on Android Device _ Its Keep saying PIN doesnt meet requirements.
But Same Pin was working few days before.


Device - Samsung S10

Steps we have tried:
* Tried Setting up New pin
* Tried Enabling Fingerprint and password option, but didn't worked.

* We have tried with different possible strong pin, Still same issue.
* Also we have completely removed the work profile from the device .

* Restarted the device and started fresh enrollment still same behavior .

* For the same user id its works in Iphone device without any issue. 

Attached the error screen shot.


if someone knowns resolution/ suggestions , please share .

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Had similar issue before, I was able to work around it by removing the user from Intune policy - then user was able to access without error - Left it unassigned for two days and re-applied the policy again.





@Moe_Kinani Thanks for your feedback. Could please let me know from which Intune policy you have given exclusion in detail. So that I can apply and give a try.


Thanks in advance!

In my case, I had Android Work Profile restriction Policy that assigned to group of users with Android, I removed the user from the group - having him loose without policy for Couple days and re-apply the policy.

Hope this helps!