Can we remove company data out of Azure AD Registered Windows 10 devices?

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Hello everyone,

We'd like to allow our users to bring their own devices to the Workplace, but we need to manage those devices (for example: laptops) with Microsoft Intune (O365 & EMS Enterprise 3), so we connect their laptops by adding their accounts "Access work or school account", not joined Azure AD domain. The result is these laptops which are marked as "Azure AD Registered" and they have SSO to log into Office 365, Sharepoint...

But we can not deploy applications automatically to them and someday we want to remove all company data (Office 2016 ProPlus, e-mail profile, other software applications) out of their Windows 10 laptops. Can we do that? Does anyone have an idea?

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I think the best way to achieve your goal would be deploying Microsoft Intune with Mobile Application Management Policies and Conditional Access to prevent access for users that does not comply.


The process would be as following:

1. Setup Microsoft Intune with Compliance Policies

2. Deploy Conditional Access that requires compliant devices to access company date.

3. Users will be forced to enroll in order to access company data on their BYOD devices, and you can control policies to make sure they comply with some basic requirements that you expect from computers accessing company data.

4. When a device is lost or you want to remove company data you can use Intune's functionality to perform a "Selective Wipe"