Can these settings below be changed by users (Power Settings)

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Device Settings

Power Plan Default

Laptop Power Settings Balanced> “On battery”: 30 minutes, for both “Turn off the display” and “Put the computer to sleep” And, “Plugged in”: 4 hours for the same two sections. Desktop Power Settings - plugged in>Turn off display after 10 minutes, Sleep after 4 hours.

Device Settings

Power Plan Restriction

User should be able adjust this if needed

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Yes, you can use csp configurations

Hi @oryxway 


If you want the users to change the power settings, you just need to leave the power settings to Not Configured. That’s should do the trick.


Hope this answers your question! 

Thanks Moe. This was a stupid question asked by someone as he wants these settings to be SET and then if user be able to change it. Dahhhhhhhh
Got it!

If the policy applied and user can change it, the policy will apply the setting again. So no point of applying the policy.