can't see the device in the intune portal , i can see it in the azure ad with the Intun MDM solution

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I have a problem, I can't see the devices in the intune portal, I can see it in the azure ad portal with also the MDM solution is intune.
knowing that I can apply strategies like profile configuration to these devices and it works properly but the problem is that I can't see them in the intune portal in the devices tab

same problem with azure ad registered device




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Hello @Zied_Berrima ,


Did you configure device enrollment on Intune side?
Does the primary user on the Azure device have the license for Intune?

DId you configure the required DNS records to allow automatically enroll devices?

hi @Zied_Berrima 


azure ad registered devices will not show in the device tab in intune. 

Is your mdm provider configured to intune instead of office 365? 

did you configure the mdm/mam Urls?

Is this device enrolled before you enabled intune? Because existing device will not be enrolled to intune automatically 


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Existing Azure AD Joined devices will be enrolled automatically to Intune, won't they?

Nope…. :p only new devices… when you have existing devices and you add a proper license for the user they need to trigger something



Good to know. Thank you.

I wonder how I can enroll 300 hundred devices that are not connected to local AD (I cannot use GPO, PowerShell, and change the registry key) and are Azure AD Joined.

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@Zied_Berrima is this the same issue you're talking about here: MDM Scope enrollement : Users or device groupe ? - Microsoft Tech Community ? If so, perhaps it's a good idea to close this one and/or refer to one of the two.




Sorry @Zied_Berrima, there's no way to delete a post as far as I know, but you could have replied and accepted your own reply as best response, but it doesn't really matter. I think it's clear that we can continue in the other post you have.