Can't do Azure AD Hybrid Join - help needed


I am simply trying to get Azure AD Hybrid join to work so I can manage our laptops via Azure InTune.
We have an on-prem AD and we use Okta for our authentication of users to Azure/O365.
The lack of details and support form both vendors is astounding and only thing holding us back from giving people our money.

I ran the configuration in Azure AD Connect client to do device joining and the SCP page gave me 2 options: or Azure AD. I chose the Okta one. Nothing else stood out as odd in the wizard.

Thereafter I'm still not sure what to do. I check my computer's event logs and it gives me this error under Applications and Service Logs > Microsoft > Windows > User Device Registration > Admin:

> Automatic registration failed at authentication phase. Unable to acquire access token.
> Exit code: Unknown HResult Error code: 0x801c0515
> Tenant Name:
> Tenant Type: Federated
> Server error:
> AdalMessage: ADALUseWindowsAuthenticationTenant failed, unable to preform integrated auth
> AdalErrorCode: 0x2ee6
> AdalCorrelationId: undefined
> AdalLog: HRESULT: 0x2ee6
> AdalLog: HRESULT: 0x2ee6
> AdalLog: HRESULT: 0x2ee6
> AdalLog: AggregatedTokenRequest::GetAppliesTo: using resource ID "urn:federation:MicrosoftOnline" for authority "". ; HRESULT: 0x0
> AdalLog: AggregatedTokenRequest::UseWindowsIntegratedAuth- received realm info ; HRESULT: 0x0
> AdalLog: HRESULT: 0x4aa90010
> AdalLog: AggregatedTokenRequest::UseWindowsIntegratedAuth w Tenant ; HRESULT: 0x0
> AdalLog: AggregatedTokenRequest::AcquireToken- returns false ; HRESULT: 0x0
> AdalLog: AggregatedTokenRequest::AcquireToken- refresh token is not available ; HRESULT: 0x0
> AdalLog: AggregatedTokenRequest::AcquireToken get refresh token info ; HRESULT: 0x0
> AdalLog: Authority validation is completed ; HRESULT: 0x0
> AdalLog: Authority validation is enabled ; HRESULT: 0x0
> AdalLog: Token is not available in the cache ; HRESULT: 0x0

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Hi John,

Do you have AD Connect configured in your environment? You need to sync your users/ PCs from AD Connect so you can have them Hybrid Joined.

I don’t use Okta, is there limitation that you can’t use AD Connect with Okta at the same time?

Hope this helps!

Hi @Moe_Kinani ,

Yes I've got the AD Connect in the environment. 

Problem is there's no direction from MS or Okta on what to choose for the SCP.

I believe that is why I see the error log in my original post. 

It gives me two options:

  • Azure Active Directory

I wonder if I should choose "Azure Active Directory" instead of





Check my response to your thread inAzure AD community-

Let me know if you have any questions!