Can't clearly understand use case of Intune SDK

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I have set up Company Portal application on my mobile and have been trying Intune for profiles, etc in association with Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center Portal. I have below doubts and questions:


  1. Most of the things are straight forward but I can't clearly understand where Intune Android SDK comes into play into this whole scenario. 
  2. Are there any additional capabilities that I can achieve using SDK. 
  3. Any help on this as well as open suggestions for all the possible use cases of Microsoft Intune will be appreciated. 
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Hi @yashjoshi,


The Microsoft Intune App SDK for Android lets you incorporate Intune app protection policies (also known as APP or MAM policies) into your native Android app. An Intune-managed application is one that is integrated with the Intune App SDK. Intune administrators can easily deploy app protection policies to your Intune-managed app when Intune actively manages the app.


Additionally see here:

Microsoft Intune App SDK overview


So, if you are not a developer you normally won't touch the SDK. Your are using functionality provided by apps which have the SDK integrated like "enforce encryption on saved data" or "configure clipboard restriction".




Hello @Oliver Kieselbach,

Thanks a lot for the quick response and detailed explanation.

I want to further clarify if JUST integrating the SDK to my native android app will allow the app to be managed from the portal without further programmatic manipulations, i.e. should there still be need of adding Intune specific code to the application?