Can't add work-profile in Nokia G42

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Hi, I am trying to setup Intune Work-Profile to Nokia G42 but every time I am getting error. Work-Profile.jpg


The issue only related to this mobile, Intune enrollment work for other mobiles. This device is also listed in Android Business Device Solutions Directory - Android Enterprise - Devices (androidenterprisepartner..., I believe it should support the Intune device enrollment. 

These are the steps which I have tried. 
I have already checked and in phone there's no existing Work-Profile. 
Removed Google Account and tried to Enroll with Intune but same error. 
Activate the Company Portal as admin from Phone Admin Application. 
Also tried to use 3rd party application (Like Test DPC) but still same, unable to create Work-profile.

Any Suggestions?

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Ok that is pretty strange, you have other Nokia models that work or other vendor devices? I suspect some issue in the AE implementation in these devices. For example look at this:  -- is your device also on Android 13? The advise given in that link might be the best in this case, get into contact with HMD.

Hi @SebastiaanSmits Thanks for the reply, 

Mobile is on Android 14. As of now I haven't contacted the Manufacturer about this, I also believe this issue could be from OEM because 3rd party tools like Test DPC and Island also not working.