Can restrictions on the Open in Sidebar feature

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I'd like to inquire about the "Open in Sidebar" feature that was introduced in Edge browser version 122, specifically regarding the policy named "EdgeOpenInSidebarEnabled". Is it possible to restrict this feature using the "Administrative Templates" in Intune?image (65).png

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There is no Template or Settings Catalog entry yet, as you probably observed already. Here you can find some info: microsoft-edge-policies 


You could do two things to get this policy via Intune to your devices:


1. Create Powershell script to set the registry key (see the above url for the reg key), you can use a remediation script for that (


2. Or you build your won OMA-URI, see here: - this pretty advanced so I would opt for Powershell in this case


By the way we can expect this to be available more directly in Intune soon, I guess, but have no direct knowledge on when..



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Hi @YamadaKsk

You can indeed create a configuration profile to disable the "Open in sidebar" feature in Edge. It, however, requires you to import the Microsoft Edge ADMX and ADML files in Intune:

Download the policies from the Edge for Business website, and upload msedge.admx and msedge.adml to Intune

Once they are uploaded, you can create a new policy with "Windows 10 and later" as platform and "Templates" as profile type. Select "Imported Administrative Templates (Preview) and click Create.

In the configuration settings, you can search for "Enable open in sidebar". From here, you can configure it to be enabled or disabled. Apply the policy to a test group and sync the device.

Open Edge and paste edge://policy in the search bar of the browser, and you can now see the policy in place.

I hope this helps!

Thank you for your response.

I would be pleased if templates and settings catalogs could be made available soon.

Do you know if there's any place where such information, like "it's now available," is published?

It's great that Edge is developing various unique features, but it also makes management more challenging...



Agreed in a corporate environment you need those controls as soon as the feature is available. But if really needed, they mostly are available day 1 through Powershell, ADMX import etc. But understood, nicest would be to have this in the Template controls, but this takes development time so I guess this is sometime a 'catching up game'. 


There are several resources:


Keep a close eye on those resources..



Thank you for your reply!

Thank you for the information that it can be done with ADMX files!

I'm trying various things, but for some reason, I'm getting an upload error now.
I will continue to try.

Thank you for the valuable information.
Which error are you getting, when uploading the ADMX file? :)


I'm getting error messages like this.
ADMX file referenced not found NamespaceMissing:Microsoft.Policies.Windows. Please upload it first.
The attached image is a Japanese screen, sorry.
スクリーンショット 2024-03-11 17.23.37.png

Hi YamadaKsk,

This is because you would have to upload the Windows ADMX first.
You can find it on your own computer at this location:


Once the Windows ADMX file is uploaded, you can upload the Edge ADMX file.
Thank you!
That solved it!

It seems like uploading the edge.admx and .adml files as they are might cause confusion due to duplicates appearing in the Intune menu...

In that case, I wonder if editing the admx file would be the solution?
I'll try various approaches.

Good to hear it worked :)
You can try to modify the Edge ADMX file, so it only includes the settings needed. That would not be the easiest task.

If it causes to much confusion, a PowerShell script as Sebastian mentioned could be a solution.