Can no longer register Android devices via MAM

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We've been using MAM for years, and all of a sudden our users just started reporting today that they can no longer register their device/setup apps on Android devices.  I am able to reproduce these errors on my own, and a few of my coworkers as well.  


I've attached a screenshot of what we see when somebody tries to sign into Outlook and the error they get when they try to sign into Teams.  It seems to be tied back to the authenticator app because if you use that to directly try to register the device, it comes back with an error saying "Workplace join failed. Please try again later."


iOS is not impacted by this, and existing Android devices continue to work, just setting up new apps is currently impacted.  I assumed this was a Microsoft issue, but have seen no one else mention it online so I'm at a loss actually.  Any ideas?







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Hi @Christopher Neuendorf , can you check if the certificate chain trust is there on the Android devices? And if you can share logs from user sign from AAD(Entra) then it will be more easy to troubleshoot.


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Thanks for the reply. We got this resolved Friday. The certificate chain was exactly it. Apparently we had some network equipment failover the past weekend and the device that took over wasn't pushing out the intermediate cert in our chain.

Apparently iOS and Windows do not need the cert pushed from the server, but Android does, which is why only those devices were impacted.

I learned something new this week, so I guess that's always good.