Can MS Intune have separate app policies for different groups of users

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Is it possible in MS Intune to allow one set of users only install apps from a list of apps selected by the company, and allow another set of users install any apps they want?


If so, how would I do this?



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@bschmiedelertempconnet means you want to create an app catalogue in Intune and published for your users so they can access this catalog and choose an app to install ?

I want to create two or more app catalogues, so that I can have one group of users who may pick from one set, and another who may pick from a different set, and possibly a third set who can install anything that they want if that is possible. But the multiple catalogues are what I really need.

Can I do this, and how?
If I understand the ask correctly, then you are basically looking at controlling the assignments through 2 different Entra ID user based groups.
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@bschmiedelertempconnet ok so here are the steps :


  1. you add all your apps in Intune. you can categorize them by categories if needed 
  2. In the assignments section, you assign them as Available for enrolled devices and here you define each app to which group is available.
  3. you push the company portal to all devices in the environment eliekarkafy_1-1696340840964.png
  4. When the user opens the company portal, he will see all the apps published to him from Intune. eliekarkafy_2-1696340915588.png