Can I get when device connected to IP range from Endpoint Manager Admin Centre?

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I have a deskbooking app, and rather than having people check-in to their desks via this app or via a QR code, we would like to explore automatically checking them in (so, basically, updating a database row), when their MMD device connects to the relevant IP range for our office sites?  We will then look to build this into an automated flow to run a few times per day. 


Am I able to get the history/event of which IP address(es) the devices have connected to from Endpoint Manager Admin Centre?



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you will be able to get these IPs from each device if you go to Intune or Endpoint Manager > Devices > All Devices > Select any device > Hardware > Wifi IPv4 Address

so it is manual for each device at least give you the IP address could be an Intune Dataware house through Graph API give you more access and details maybe import that to a PowerBi or Power Automtae etc.