Can Asana can be covered by an intune app policy?

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Asana is one of our major tools and we would love to add the asana app to our Mobile app policy but we discovered that Asana is not on the list of public Apps available in intune. We have tried to add the Asana app via the custom app setting by getting the ID from the google app; we also manually synched with the company portal - and this also didn't have any effect. So I'd like to know if Asana can be covered by an intune policy? Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

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I assume you are talking about App Protection Policy? Unfortunately, if it's not listed that means the vendor hasn't worked with Microsoft to prepare it, and make it MAM aware. You may want to request it from the app vendor.
Thank you fr your feedback @Nathan Blasac. Could you please suggest the best way to request it from the app vendor?
You'll need to request that they add support for their app to be a Microsoft Intune protected app.