Can a Windows 10 MAM user get a list of Windows Information Protection (WIP) protected apps?


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A number of Store and Win32 apps are under an Intune Windows 10 app protection policy (aka WIP).  In a BYOD scenario, can the user obtain a list of applications on their device being protected by policy?  My scenario is MAM-WE, but applies to full MDM enrolled clients too. 



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@Ru You can check the Task Manager and add the column Enterprise context. You can see if an app is enlightend and see the exempt apps. And if you turn on the icon in your policy, users can see wheter an app is "managed" 





@JanBakkerOrphaned Thanks for the reply.  I knew about this features - was really more interested in viewing a list without needing to check each app either by Task Manager or icon.  Doesn't appear to be a way to do this yet.

@Ru :smile: As far as know, there is no other way.


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I use Intune Data warehouse with PowerBI, then export the apps and share it with your end users if needed.

Hope this helps!

@Moe_KinaniSounds like a great idea - I'll check it out.  Thanks!