Camera app iOS 16.3.1 available on lockscreen

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When an iPad with iOS 16.3.1 is not in Intune it's possible when you swipe to the left to open your camera app in lock screen mode. This is a new feature in 16.3.1

My iPad is enrolled in shared mode in intune but if I swipe to the left there is no camera, is it possible to configure this in intune so I can use it when the screen is locked?

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Hi Geert-Jan,

Is there a device restriction profile that has Block camera set on "yes"? If so you could try to set that option on "Not configured" and then in the device restriction profile set "Camera" in "Hide/Show apps" list.



If i do it like above a my other apps disapear from my home screen. And still the camera will not open from the locked screen.


You you have other suggestions ?

Hi Geert-Jan,

I see that you put Camera in type of apps list: Visible, in this case i think you want to hide the app right? Could you change that to Hidden apps?

Also did you check if the Block camera isn't set on "yes" ?


No I don't want to hide the app. In the new iOS 16.3.1 it is possible when you power on your iPad before you login to swipe left to open your camera app. This feature works when not in Intune, when put in Intune iPad Shared mode it does not work anymore. So I look for an option to enable the above