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We need to try and pull Device Model for our BYOD (registered devices).

It does not look like it is an Available property using Get-AzureADUserRegisteredDevice. Does anyone know how to Gather this info. We want to know how many of our BYOD devices can no longer Upgrade their OS on iOS and Android phones. 

Our Risks folks want to the information for Vulnerability Processes.  

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The Azure AD PowerShell cmdlets may not be the best option here, device model details aren’t returned. Have a look at the Microsoft Graph PowerShell module and it’s Get-MgDevice cmdlet.
Thanks, I will. Need to see what I can with Graph, for registered devices without enrollment.

@Coopem16 :

With the follow Graph provider you get the information you need:


Here you can find a script from which you can get the PS function:

powershell-intune-samples/ManagedDevices_Get.ps1 at master · microsoftgraph/powershell-intune-sample...

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I already was reviewing the First link.
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