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Nov 27 2023 07:00 AM - Nov 30 2023 11:30 AM (PST)
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BYOD / Corp Conditional Access Question

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Hi All


Tricky scenario here and I will try my best to explain.


Conditional Access Policy for BYOD / Personal devices = Require approved app

Conditional Access Policy for Corp devices = Require approved app AND Require compliance


If both are assigned to the same group:

  • Which one takes effect?
  • How to separately assign to Corp and BYOD Conditional Access Policies (dynamic groups? / Excludes etc)

Ideally we would like a separate CA policy for BYOD and Corp where users are in the same group and may have a Corp AND Personal device.


Any help or hints would be great.



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You should be able to do this by using Dynamic Device Groups and using a rule like (device.deviceOwnership -eq "Company") for your Corporate devices. In general, the more restrictive policy will take precedence.

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the thing is that at the moment CA supports only user based groups, so you won't be able to target separate policies based on device type.

I was told that it's something in plan, but no ETA.

I have the same need to allow same user to have both corp & BYOD devices with separate policies for each.    Am looking for this in 365 business



@Stuart King Same need here. Hope there is a solution provided for this at some point.