BYOD Apple device not receiving an enrollment profile

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I set up Intune to offer our users the possibility to enroll their personal iOS device (Android will come after), so they can install Outlook and access their work email in a secured container.


But the newly enrolled devices do not seem to receive the enrollment profile I assigned them.

The enrollment profile is based on user choice, and is assigned to a SG containing all BYOD users (currently my test account).


When installing the Company Portal app on a test device and logging in with my test account, it receives the policies, Outlook's installed, so everything looks fine. But looking at the console -> Device -> Hardware, the Enrollment profile line does not show anything.


That means the device does not join a dynamic group I created containing all BYOD devices.

What did I do wrong? Thanks in advance :)

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Only devices that are connected to your Apple Business Manager get an Enrollment Profile. When you are doing a BYOD personal device scenario, you will need to have the persons choose a Device Category during enrollment. You will then add the devices to a Dynamic Device Group based on the category that they choose during enrollment.
To determine who properly chose the Category, you will actually use the Filter in the device list.
This will display in the Console -> Device -> Properties.
The good news is that you can go into each device and change any already enrolled devices to the category you want. You can have multiple as well depending on possibly which applications you want to deploy to them , policies, etc.