BYOD and Enrolment

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What people think about BYOD devices being enrolled into Intune by Organisations. This is a big NO in my opinion as users personal device should not be MDM enrolled. I believe Intune App Protection Policies provide sufficient controls to ensure data protection for BYOD devices without the need to enroll them.


I would appreciate people's opinion and experience on this. Is it really necessary to enroll a BYOD device into Intune?



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Speaking about BYOD and mobile devices :) ... yes In my opinion app protection is sufficient.
You could have multiple app protection policies.. for managed and unmanaged devices.
We choose to loosen the screws a little bit for managed devices but tighten the screws a little bit for the unmanaged devices. :)
Hi Gurdev Singh,

App protection policy is the least you can have for BYOD devices, I know many organisations are enrolling BYOD devices to their tenant using Work Profile in Android and User Enrolment in IOS. Enrolling the devices gives you options for more controls on Company apps in BYOD devices like retiring the apps when they leave.

Hope this helps!