Bulk Sign-Out email from personal profile

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Kindly need to know how we can bulk sign out work email from a lot of employees personal profile on mobile devices from intune?





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Thanks for your support it helps but this is an explanation about the case:
In Android we have outlook for personal profile and outlook for work profile. We deployed conditional access policy to block the email on personal profile with granting access to work profile, it worked fine but our target is to force the users that are logged in on personal outlook app before applying the policy to sign out.
Removing Outlook's current configuration (and the data inside) is difficult. That was possible when it still was ActiveSync, but Outlook is different... Conditional Access will stop those clients from syncing data to their device, but was has been already synced will stay
not deleting data just block access to outlook app
The problem is that you can't block access if it's in the private part of their BYOD phone. (Android or iOS, btw?)
Android no problem i appreciate your support for the case if there is a way please let me know.