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Bulk Enroll Windows 10 devices into Intune?

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Can anyone tell me if there is a way to bulk enroll Windows 10, AD (on-prem) joined, devices into Intune?  The only bulk enrollment options I'm seeing done is done during your typical auto enroll after binding to Azure AD (which we do in small cases), but I odnt think we are ready to move all of our devices to Azure AD and dump on the fine-tooth managment we get through our GPO and the like on-prem.  Without binding to AzureAD, looking at the documentation it looks like our only supported options for enrollment are a DEM based or BYOD based enrollment and that presents us with some problems.  I work for a large K-12 school district with 23,000 Windows devices we need enrolled into Intune most of which are in computer labs or carts  and doing all of these devices by hand  will generate an additional massive work load for staff even if we were to go the Intune for Education flashdrive route. 


Also worth noting -- and to just throw in another wrinkle -- we are not a SCCM shop. We use Altiris for software and desktop managment.


So, thoughts?  Suggestions?

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So, I just found this article published two days ago that may resolve this issue.  I will take a look at this and report back on whether it resolves the issue subscribed above. 


(Full URL Of Article:

On review, a provisioning probile looks like it could work.  However,  I have no idea what any of the following would be for Intune:







The URLs you seek are under the Azure AD Mobility blade.

Using provisioning packages is the best open which is now part of the preview in the Azure portal. 


'You may have to create an enrolment profile which will contain that information, similar as you would do for Configorator or DEP. 


any issues pop pop up a comment on here and I'll get some screen grabs. 

Doesn't using a provisioning profile sort of dictate that you bind the device to Azure AD rather than on-prem AD?  Can you build a provisioning profile that enrolls into Intune without binding to AzureAD