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Built-in device compliance policy active is not compliant

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Been having a major issue with a device which is now coming up as non-compliant. Under Built-in device compliance policy 'Is active' it comes up as 'not compliant' yet i did a sync from the device and the last check-in date is today. Anyone know how to get the device compliant again?


I think the 30 days default setting ran out today but after synchronising it hasn't come back to compliant. Do I need to wait a day or something? Any ideas?

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Did you tried a sync form the account settings page ? Maybe trying to check compliance from the company app portal from the device?
thanks, tried those. Will give is another go on Monday when the user is back. Lets hope...
Please let me know what happened.... really curious if it's solved over time
Monday morning....user turns on their laptop and it works. Guess its a time thing.



I have had some success fixing this by installing the Company Portal app - still trying to assess if it works in all cases but this is a good tip to try.

Hi please share the results if possible... I am (still) writing a blog about this topic (built in compliance)

@Rudy_Ooms_MVPHi did you ever write a blog about this? I have the exact same issue, the device state is now compliant, however Endpoint still isn't updating the status. Initiating a sync isn't working either.

Hehe ... still in draft :(.... some weird wipe issue took some off my time..