Bug with entra shared IOS and teams?

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Have IPhones setup using the entra shared mode, everything works great at a base level. Devices get configured to be in shared mode, sso works like a charm for edge and the first user into teams, device gets that user logged out and next user signs in, again edge detects and user is signed in but when you open a teams it’s looking for a email address, if you force close teams it triggers the sso extension and the user gets logged in. Cannot for the life of me figure out why teams ends up in a state where it’s logged out but unable to gets the user creds passed to it. This was not an issue in the past. A reminder this is not iPad shared mode I’m talking about, people get them confused.

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We have recently encountered several issues with Teams in combination with Entra Shared. All the issues are related to authentication. Guess this is related. We have opened tickets with Microsoft without any results yet. I would encourage you to do the same.

@SebastiaanSmits case opened 

(#‎2406170040004899‎) if you wanted to add to yours you are not the only one seeing issues. 

Two different support people, neither had a clue what entra shared mode even was followed by “maybe an app update will
Fix it”