Block students installing exes

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Hi all,


How do we block students from downloading and installing .exes? I've looked around and its all about blocking certain .exes. I can't make a list of all the possible .exes they might download and install as this could be endless. Anybody who has done this before or knows how to do this?


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1) First important security measure is remove admin rights. 2) Use Defender Application Control to whitelist the known ones. All unknown ones will be prevented from installing.

You can use Software Restriction Policies.
Check this article for an introduction to Software Restriction Policies:
Hi is there an easy guide to follow to us software Restriction Policies for intune set up
Hi is there a guide to do this? - Defender Application Control to whitelist the known ones
It is an advanced topic, but here is official documentation for your reference,

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An old question. But if you are using intune for education