Block Outlook application on Desktop if the pc is not hybrid

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Kindly i need to know how to block the outlook application on the desktop if the computer is not joined on domain from intune?


i have configured a conditional access to block accessing cloud apps for devices not joined on domain so it worked properly but the client want to block outlook also





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I don’t think you can. If the end objective is to block the use of Outlook if the device is not hybrid then you already have that covered through the CA policy.
Hello rahuljindal,

Thanks for your reply so what should i add in the CA other than cloud apps?


@ElieAT You basically require Office 365, however if you are selecting all cloud apps, then Office 365 will get included. Please note that CA doesn't restrict launching of the application. The CA action will enforce during authentication\session.

what if i the user open his email from outlook application on desktop so the CA will block him also?
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Yes, the CA should get enforced then. Maybe test and verify to cover all basis.