Blackscreen after log in - Explorer.exe not started

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We have an issue with multiple tenants where users sign in and are presented with a backscreen on Windows 10. The fix is to press CTRL ALT and DEL > Run Task Manager and start Explorer.exe. After, it wont happen again but it will happen on the same machine if a new user signs in. 


Steps tried so far

Remove interactive log on message

Update graphics driver

Script to launch explorer at log in


We have multiple configuration policies and have started to troubleshoot one by one slowly. Any help or recommendations would be great 



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Seems strange issue...
I would think in the direction of applocker or WDAC...
Don't know if you have some scripts running at start-up or logon?

Further, if all machines have the same patch-level and configuration, but only this machine has the issue, I would start looking at differences... Which software and so on, when did it start, etc.
I would also start investigating for malicious infections...

You could restage the machine, but then you would loose all "evidence" and you didn't really solved the cause of the issue, so if it would happen again you aren't any wiser :)


Things you can check are for example also the Shell, if this is still explorer.exe... maybe some software or installation changed this. 

You can check in the registry: (also check the user hive....)

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

You can also run a system filechecker to check for corrupted files in the OS:

run sfc /scannow