black screen is displayed on the client (after the user logs in with username and password)

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I'm testing Windows Autopilot.

Everything works very well too. Only after the installation of Windows and Office only a black screen is displayed on the client (after the user logs in with username and password). Only a restart of the client can help.

What can I do to prevent the black screen?


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Hi Stefan,

So the user enrolling the pc with Auto Pilot-> Login with user and password and get blackscreen?

What version of Windows are you using? Azure AD or Hybrid?

First thing came to my mind is ESP, could you disable it and try the process again?


@Stefan Kießig 


I'm getting the same issue.

I use Intune Autopilot to push a single configuration (AAD only) to all devices. 

All devices are Surface Pro 4 so similar hardware.


I successfully used Autopilot to roll out to 20+ devices over the last 2 weeks but yesterday, 5 devices came to a Black screen after login with just a mouse cursor.


By sending an Autopilot Reset request it instantly moved the client off the Black screen and continued setup but, after completing it did another reset (as per the reset request) and then completed without issue.  This is a bit annoying for the end user and now means I have to pre-warn the users that this may happen.  It also breaks what was a seamless process.


The fact that it 'was' working fine and then started Black screening suggests an issue at Microsoft's end?  This is further backed up by the fact the Autopilot Reset kicks it back into life.  The device is obviously in contact with Intune but no idea why it gets to this point and then stops.


Hope this helps??