Bitlocker / Compliance Issues

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Hi All

Hope you are all well.

Anyway, a bit of a strange one.

Had 2 separate tenants report that devices were suddenly longer compliant, Bitlocker off or compliance policy not evaluated.

Now I'm quite certain that no one modified these policies but is there a way to check? Logs? Could Microsoft's compliance checks fail?

Would be really to get an answer to this and understand this as 300+ devices suddenly just can report as not being compliant.

Any information greatly appreciated.

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Hey @Stuart King,


if something goes wrong on the service side, yes this could happen. I have seen issues in the past. Currently MS has an issue with Device Health Attestation (DHA) and BitLocker (this might be your issue). But they already rolling out a fix for it. 




So I guess you should check this with MS to see if the service side is okay or just wait a bit more to see if the fix is solving your problem.