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Hey together,


i just implemented in a pilot stage MDM for Windows 10 Devices and Windows Update for Business.

Therefore i have some questions about your experiences.


The current config looks like this:

1. Windows Update Ring: Win10 Insider Channel (Release) - e.g. for IT Workers

2. Windows Update Ring: Win10 Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted) - e.g. for some Key-users

3. Windows Update Ring: Win10 Semi-Annual Channel - for the rest of the company


Are there any ideas to improve, or am i missed something?

How do you manage the clients update status?

In Intune i'm only able to see which client has applied which update ring, but i can't see (like in the old WSUS console) which client is needing which update or if everything is okay.

What could be a best practice for this?


Thank you in advance

Patrick. :)


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If there isn't the ONE solution, let's discuss it. :)
How are you handling this?

@PatrickF11  Did you ever get a good response from anyone on this and how to approach setting up rings within WUfB.   Anything around best practices that you can share as a result.?



Use Update Compliance to have view similar to legacy consoles like WSUS or Intune Silverlight, not sure if it covers same functionalities because still in Preview.


Hope this helps!








I like Patrick's proposal and that's how I do it most of the time.

Just with the change that SAC-T is end of life. You should use SAC & deferral dates


Thanks for your advise. I already know the update compliance.


Next, we're trying to implement Desktop Analytics, i will have a look if this is working. Otherwise i'm going to implement the update compliance monitor. (We used this one earlier.)


@Miguel Sanabia 

The last months i've been using the following settings:


Keen to know the results with Desktop Analytics.

Keep us posted.

Thanks Patrick!


You can also build your own reports and statistics using Intune Data Warehouse and PowerBI (or any other BI tool). 

There are some blog posts about this online and here one from MS: