Background / lock screen policy issue

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Hi all, 


I have set an image for both Background and Lock screen which worked perfectly at first now all client machines can change their background/lock screenScreenshot 2021-05-24 at 2.59.54 PM.png and no longer have the one I set it to be! 


Why would this happen? And how do I resolve this as quick as possible? 



-2016281112 (Remediation failed)


Please help!

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That's odd, what exactly are your settings you configured?

Desktop = ./Vendor/MSFT/Personalization/DesktopImageUrl
Screen Saver = ./Vendor/MSFT/Personalization/LockScreenImageUrl



Can you make sure the values in the registry are still configured in the software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\personalizationcsp ?


Or try to create a powershell script which does the same?







Hi... Just wondering, have you looked at the requirements?




do you recommend powershell although these backgrounds will change every so often.?

All devices are on education
I would try/start with powershell first and just take a look if this could be your solution... if it works... it works.. WHenever you need to change one line in the powershell script and upload it again. Almost the same as when you need to change the csp
Hi Where can I copy the script from? As the one in this thread is a picture. Also would it be user based policy? User context?
Hi Rudy, How do I store the images locally cant find where this has been done? or is this even needed? When doing it through policies this only requires url for the location?

ignore my last message it downloads itself!
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