Azure Virtual Desktop Intune Enroll Device Credentials GPO




first I want to thank you all for the help on this topic.

In this days I worked on some Azure Virtual Desktop Environment and have configured the Intune Auto Enrollment with "Device Credentials" following the official documentation here: Using Azure Virtual Desktop multi-session with Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs

As the Documentation report "Windows 10 or Windows 11 Enterprise multi-session virtual machines must be enrolled using device credentials."


With the "Device Credentials" the Intune Enroll start automatically and you can view your AVD Host Pool in Intune (obviously all the other prerequisite are satisfied).


There is one point that is not clear for me: The license used for the enroll.


Let me explain this point. With "User Credential" the enroll is performed by the user that have assigned the correct license (E5) for complete the enroll.

But with the "Device Credentials" no license are used. In my environment i have 10 E5 license and 15 AVD Host Pool. I have enrolled all the host pools without using any license for the enroll.


Maybe with the "Device Credentials" is used another approach for the enroll? Can someone explain me the flow? 


Thank you!




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