Azure AD WIndows 10 dynamic group for Autopilot process is finish

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My Customer use azure AD dynamic group like "All Windows 10" that contains all Windows 10 device and target a log a mandatory applications that are mandatory for all Windows 10 computers.


This method have an impact on Autopilot setup, because during the installation of Autopilot, all applications try to install at the same time of applications that are mandatory in the Autopilot profile (Office, Antivirus, VPN, Firewall,...).

If an application fails to install, the Autopilot deployment failed.


Is it possible to create a dynamic group only for devices that has finished the Autopilot deployment process ?

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AFAIK there is no way to do it.
Why don't you leverage the Autopilot ESP to specify which applications you want to wait for?



I already use the ESP for that, but all mandatory applications are installed at same time of Autopilot process. The ESP only track for applications specified in the profile, but there is no prioritization for applications in the ESP profile.


You can see on above image, Autopilot view 12 applications to install, but only 3 are specified in the ESP profile. Others applications are mandatory and deployed on Azure dynamic AD that contains all windows 10 computers.





esp profile.png



Yeah, I have seen Michael Niehaus mentioning that they are working on this issue.
What about a script that sleeps for a few minutes and then begins installation?

I think a script doesn’t not change anything, because only one application can be installed at same time. So a script with sleep just extends installation time of application.


Did you have any link on Michael Niehaus  mention about this issue?