Azure AD devices associated with Windows Autopilot are disabled in AAD

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We've been seeing an issue lately where most, if not all, newly imported devices in Autopilot have their associated AAD device objects disabled.  This has caused us some grief because we have a provisioning script set up that uses an AAD app registration to authenticate, but due to the way the Graph API is set up, the ability to re-enabled AAD devices only works via user authentication.  Is anyone else seeing this same issue?  If so, is there any way to resolve this?  We have a temporary workaround, but I'm interested in learning more about thy this changed recently and what we can do to fix this long term.  Thank you!  

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We're experiencing the same thing. I don't remember seeing the devices disabled after being imported for Autopilot.
Ehhh :) thats normal behaviour :) . I explained the whole flow in this blog... so also the disabled state and when it is enabled