AutoPilot With IBCM

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Hi There,

Can Intune allow autopilot with IBCM or CMG is mandatory ?

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can you specify the question. Generally for an autopilot enrolment no IBCM or CMG is needed. Intune is a SaaS service that provides everything needed to manage a client. But there is also the possibility to manage a client hybrid and distribute workloads between Sccm and Intune. Therefore it would be good if you could give a little more information here.


Thank you for the reply Jannik

I have SCCM and Intune with co-management , CMG is not configured .All the endpoints are hybrid join and co-managed.

In our infrastructure we are managing our internet clients with IBCM.

My question is now we want to implement Autopilot , as per Microsoft docs we have to install client with intune or we have co-management authority option where we need to provide SCCM client installation command line.

So I have option to provide only on-prem SCCM client install property . I tried with  co-management authority option by providing the on perm client install commands but getting following error





So my questions in in order to work intune with SCCM ,Is CMG mandatory ? or will it work with IBCM MP over the internet

Note : As per Microsoft above error occur because of TPM setting but I have TPM 2 enabled

Hey @JE,
Co management is possible with both CMG and IBCM but the recommendation is to use a CMG. Did you run the test on a VM or physical machine?
Regarding the 0x800705b4 you can check this blog post from Rudy Ooms:

Thank you @Jannik_Reinhard 


 0x800705b4 is for TPM but i dont have any issues with TPM

whenever we create Intune app for SCCM Client we need to  provide AADTENANTID ,AADCLIENTAPPID ,AADRESOURCEURI ,CCMHTTPSSTATE  etc

Since we dont have CMG so do i need to create Intune App with on-prem SCCM Client information