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Autopilot White glove failure on LENOVO

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I want to share with you a problem i'm faced With white glove mode on Lenovo

The Autopilot whith Hybride or a full Azure is working fine on LENOVO

BUT when i use the white glove not working with a red screen and shows :

"   we couldn't found an autopilot profile.please check that your device has an autopilot profile assigned "

-I Checked the TPM and its 2.0

-The device is assigned on autopilot profile

-The White glove option is on on autopilot profile


Does anyone faced this problem before ?


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White glove also needs tpm attestation.. just like with autopilot self deploying. Could you check it out?

@Rudy_Ooms_MVP  Thank you for your support

For information my laptop is lenovo T14S ( os version 20H2 )


I have checked this too but is not working too ( red screen )

So you can confirm the TPM supports attestation?
And you could confirm for 100% When you are looking at Devices --> Enroll devices --> Devices. The Lenovo shows up and has a profile assigned like shown below




And what does the log show?



@Rudy_Ooms_MVP Yes i confirm 


So you can confirm the TPM supports attestation? ==> I don't know but it was woking in 2 pc the some model in just one week ago




Microsoft-Windows-ModernDeployment-Diagnostics-Provider/Autopilot" => its shows :


"Pilote Automatique" its means "automatic pilote"

Details : "Strategic of automatic pilot [ZtdRgistrationId] :  not found "




and when i go to Microsoft-Windows-ModernDeployment-Diagnostics-Provider/MANAGEMENT SERVICE" => its shows:





HI, to be sure all pre req's are configured for hybrid autopilot. Can you confirm everything is working and in place like described in these blogs?

I will take a look at the errors/pictures



Of course.. ready for attestation: has to be set to TRUE to support white glove


ANd maybe running this command, to get some more information

MDMDiagnosticsTool.exe -area Autopilot;TPM -cab c:\

I confirm that ready for attestation is FALSE
How to set it to true please?

You could try to look for a firmware/bios/tpm update on lenovo their website... its the only way i am afraid


YOu can also try the same command on the other devices which did not had any issues to determine if the tmp version is different

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@Rudy_Ooms_MVP Finally it works ! and as i said the get ready for attestation is False


the trick was i plug the ethernet cable just after pushing 5 times the windows's buton

Then i had the windows with all information of my organization, autopilot profile....



Hi glad it's working... but it's very strange because as said earlier TPM device attestation is needed :) 



Windows Autopilot for pre-provisioned deployment | Microsoft Docs


Yes its strange , Thank you for your support ;)