Autopilot support for multiple Domains on a single tenant


My office 365 tenant includes multiple domains to include the following:

I have also setup Windows Autopilot (AAD Join) for my tenant.


However only email addresses from are recognised accepted when enrolling Windows 10 devices.


How do I add the other domains to the accepted list of email domains for Autopilot?

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You could check out this link... as normally you would login with the upn and not with an additional emailadress..


Why not changing the upn for that user/s who want to start using autopilot?


but maybe enabling it would work ? (not sure as I didn't tested it myself)

@Rudy_Ooms thanks for the response.


The UPN does match the email address already but I think with the article, I could possibly use another one of the email aliases.


So in other words, is the non working UPN domain, but I guess I could test and see if user@<tenant-name> might work also as a possible workaround.



It's worth a try i guess :) please let us know the outcome