Autopilot - stuck at device registration

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I realised that csv format for CSP partner and intune's admin is different.  I am new admin for intune , the require fields in csv as follows

Device Serial Number,Windows Product ID,Hardware Hash,Group Tag,Assigned User


Since my PC/NB new in the box, all i have is the Serial number and Window Product ID.  Tried upload but the "import" button remain greyed out. 

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@Moe_Kinani thanks, getting the 4K HH require me to unbox and have to do it for all new system, for cases where remote deployment are necessary, i cant take this path.  

I would check with manufacturer if can add to your tenant. Otherwise you don’t have other ways to go around it.


Hi,@James Lau


i have made the experience that you must not open the CSV before uploading it to the Intune Portal, otherwise it will not be uploaded or only uploaded with errors.
secondly i believe that you should not put the User in the CSV, but create dynamic groups, for adding them automaticly.


Here is the AutoPilot HWINfo Skript, you can add/delete on line 129-134 and dont forget to add on line 183 which parameter you want to have in the Output-csv.


I Uploaded my Skript. 

You have to change the parameter for Group-Tag. And then add a dynamic Group where the Group Tag will be assigned to a user Group.

The User will be added to the Computer, whren he logs on the first time.


The dynamic Group is:

(device.devicePhysicalIds -any _ -eq "[OrderID]:Germany")


Here is the Fault, that in the CSV is called Group Tag and in the Dynamic Group OrderID.