Autopilot Self-Deploying mode - who uses the device?

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hi folks, 


we are testing to deploy new computers with Windows Autopilot in Self-Deploying mode which works quite fine. However if I take a look at those devices in Endpoint Manager, I have not found any way to see which user is using or has been using the device. 


I have already found out that by design no primary user is assigned to the device in this deployment scenario.


But there has to be a way to see which user is using the device? The other way around, if a user is logging into the machine, it also does not show up under the user's devices as well. 

Thanks a lot 

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@burningice Why are you using Self-deploying mode? If you are not using it for kiosk/shared machines, you should use user-driven mode instead. 


Self-deploying mode does not presently associate a user with the device (since no user ID or password is specified as part of the process).


Happy to look for a solution on this. 



@JanBakkerOrphaned my primary motivation is to be easily able to deploy multiple machines without any user interaction (no keyboard or language selection etc.) prior to the final user login.

If I get a new batch of computers, we can easily prepare them without knowing who is gonna use them. Am I missing out on some similar user-driven functionality here? 

"Am I missing out on some similar user-driven functionality here? "

Yes, you are missing the Windows Autopilot for pre-provisioned deployment (ex White Glove)