Autopilot self-deploy failing to register for MDM

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I'm in the process of testing Autopilot's self-deploying mode to set up a kiosk. I've created a kiosk autopilot profile per recommendations along with configuration profiles. On two separate devices, it fails to complete MDM registration. When I check the event viewer, I see the error "profilevalidationwhiteglovedisabled". This setting can't be enabled as part of the self-deploy.


Hoping someone can provide assistance

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Hi MiNealy,

Did you already check if the two devices meet the requirements for self deploying mode?

Are those devices in an earlier stage already enrolled in your Intune environment?


Did you already check the following blogpost ?

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HI.. Looking at the error, you would guess there isn't an autopilot profile configured for self-deploying. Are you sure that kiosk device has that specific autopilot profile targetted?


Autopilot profile.pngKiosk config profile.png


Devices do meet the requirements. TPM 2.0 is enabled. Our shop has been using Autopilot for user driven devices for about a year now.


I have checked that blog but I'm reviewing it again to ensure the profile is set up. I also confirmed that they are seeing the autopilot profile. These devices used to be user driven but I've cleared the intune & azure record and re-imported the hash. I've attached screenshots of both the autopilot profile and the kiosk config profile. 

TPM 2.0 AND attestation?
Self-deploying requires attestation

How does that group AP Kiosk devices look like? Do you have uploaded the hh with a grouptag or?

Do you have multiple autopilot profiles as you are telling "autopilot for user driven devices"

Did you have take a look at the event logs (modern deployment / user device registration / )

Confirmed that the devices that I'm using have TPM 2.0 and attestation.

The AP Kiosk Devices group is using a group tag to tie the profile to the device. Our other Autopilot profiles are set up the same way for user driven devices and experience no issues.
At this point i would also recommended to start the ticket tour with Microsoft. Especially because of that error you got: profilevalidationwhiteglovedisabled
As I have never seen it before. Could you check out the registry key
and whats is in it
I did end up doing a ticket with Microsoft and figured out what was going wrong. While in Kiosk mode, you can't send the device through autopilot to image as it's not supported. You simply log into the device with the assigned credentials and it will take it from there.
Hi... I am not totally understanding what the problem was..

While in kiosk, you cant send the device through autopilot to image...

You mean reset? It can be due to I am working to late :) ...